About Us

Business Development Services Africa's (BDSA) mission is to make Shared Value the new way of doing business.

Business Development Services Africa (“BDSA”) is a consultancy company whose mission is to make shared value the new way of doing business. Since 2011 BDSA has been delivering management and technical advice to actors in the business sector in Zambia to further the expansion of business models and norms that increase economic, social and environmental prosperity.

Creating Win-Win Business Models

BDSA leverages capital, data and innovative ideas to develop a self-reliant and sustainable form of poverty reduction; they focus on creating win-win business models and operations within their client organizations such that commercial and competitive mandates can be met while improving the livelihoods of an organization’s customer and supplier segments, who are generally the urban and rural poor and emergent agropreneurs.

BDSA is an independent venture that is incubated by Engineers Without Boarders Canada and delivers management and technical advice to big businesses and other groups with for profit models.